Category: Archive 2005-2010

Qubab monument

On Site, 2010

On Site, 2010 HD video 44:47 min. The documentary film project On Site centres on six former Palestinian villages now located in Israel. These sites were selected on the basis of young Palestinians’ inherited memories of their families’ villages being destroyed and depopulated in the 1948 war, revealed through interviews Hasager conducted in the spring

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Memories of Imagined Places, 2010

Memories of Imagined Places,2010. 11 photographs with text, 54.5 x 84 cm each. Memories of Imagined Places is a work of photographic and textual historiography. It centres on memories of Palestinian villages that existed before 1948. The photographed sites were selected on the basis of young Palestinians’ inherited memories

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Between Here & Somewhere Else, 2010

Between Here and Somewhere Else, 2010–11 A series of exhibitions of new work by Helen de Main and Maj Hasager. Palestinian Art Court – al Hoash, Jerusalem, 22 April–13 May 2010 al-Kahf Gallery, International Center of Bethlehem, 21 May–16 June 2010 Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre, Ramallah, 10–24 June 2010 Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art,

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Two Within Close Range, 2009/2010

Two Within Close Range, 2009–10. Video (15 min.), double screen projection, C-print (50 x 70 cm). Two Within Close Range is an investigation of urban spaces that remain private or inaccessible despite their public significance. The urban structures and familiar places that appear in the work—a park and a construction site with a disputed past

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Would you stay – if you could leave?, 2009

Would you stay—if you could leave?, 2009. Photography, text. Would you stay—if you could leave? consists of six images photographed in the West Bank and three written accounts, all of which have been framed at 30 x 40 cm. The images and texts contain elements of blocking or restraining, which complicates movement through the landscape, either on a concrete physical level or on a psychological one.

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To Whom It May Concern, 2008

Would you stay—if you could leave?, 2009. Photography 30 cm x 40 cm each , text. To Whom It May Concern is a 9 min double screen projection which combines images recently photographed in the West Bank, Palestine with a narrative text that represents an experience in a form reminiscent of a traveller’s diary,


Mono Culture And Other Realities, 2008

Mono Culture and Other Realities, 2008. Collaborative work, sound installation, text, sculpture. Thale Vangen and Maj Hasager (Malmö Art Academy), Layan Shawabkeh and Majd Abdel Hamid (International Academy of Art Palestine) The project took its point of departure in the workshop Learning Site, which was a part of Lofoten International Art Festival in Norway


A trip to an uncertain state, 2008

A trip to an uncertain state, 2008. Sound installation, video, photography. The multilayered installation A trip to an uncertain state consists of a sound installation of spoken word text placed in a monochrome room, a one-channel video installation, and a set of 37 photographs. The installation was presented at KHM Gallery, Malmö, in May


We´ve Met Before, 2007

We´ve Met Before, 2007. Video, duration: 7 min. 2007 The video loop We’ve Met Before narrates a story based on an interview with a couple about their relationship. A speaker (the interviewer) recalls this meeting between the three of them and describes the scene where the meeting took place.

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Fördomsland och Förbudsland (Prohibition-country and Prejudice-country), 2005

Förbudsland och Fördomsland (Prohibition-country and Prejudice-country), 2005. Site-specific installation at Linköping University, Sweden. The starting point for this project was a signpost on Linköping University’s Campus Valla that points toward Linköpings’s twin cities. Two signs were added to the post: one pointing towards Stockholm that reads “0 km Förbudsland, S” (Prohibition-country).

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