Between Here & Somewhere Else, 2010

Between Here & Somewhere Else, 2010


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Between Here and Somewhere Else

A series of exhibitions of new work by Helen de Main and Maj Hasager
Palestinian Art Court  – Al Hoash, Jerusalem : 22 April – 13 May
al-Kahf Gallery, The International Center of Bethlehem : 21 May – 16 June
Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre, Ramallah : 10 – 24 June
Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art: 13 November 2010 – 17 January 2011

Between Here and Somewhere Else is a project that has been initiated by artist’s Helen de Main (UK) and Maj Hasager (DK) and has developed out of a number of research periods spent in 1948 land of Palestine and the Occupied Palestinian Territories between 2007 and 2010. Specific areas visited include the Silwan neighbourhood and the former districts of Jaffa, al-Ramlah, Gaza, Hebron – relating to the destroyed Palestinian villages of the 1948 war. The exhibition travelled from Jerusalem, to Bethlehem, to Ramallah, and the artists presented different works in each of the locations, connecting to their experiences of spending time in each of the sites. The exhibitions included sculpture, video, sound, text, photography and print based works.

Over 2 years de Main and Hasager have developed an ongoing relationship with and commitment to these places and people, their politics and history. They have devised this project as a way of trying to interpret the current environment of the area, as viewed from the position of a foreigner. They both share an interest in investigating notions of space, objects and movement and the effects that these have on place. They have been observing and documenting the altering, replacing or erasing of landscapes, buildings and cultural heritage. Whether this has been through militant means or due to short-term strategies, unstable ideologies and leaderships from within. They have been looking at ways in which different histories are produced through oral, written and visual traditions and the role of collective memory and observing how all of these factors effect the development and assertion of identity.

The exhibitions was accompanied by a series of events and educational workshops that aim to create a platform for creative exchange of information and ideas between the artists and the different audiences.

The artists would like to thank the following people for their help and support in the realisation of this project;
The Abasi Family, Majd Abdel Hamid, Fakhri Abudiab, Mahmoud Abu Hashhash, Salam Abu Limon, Ayed Arafah, Falestine Arafat, Hamdan Bahbouh, Mirna Bamieh, Amani Baraket, Daniel Bar, Simon Barkworth, Sarah Beddington, Ibrahim Dawood, Nicola de Main, Charles Engebretsen, Kefah Fanni, Mustafa Farah, Rune Flensted, Eva Frese, Glasgow Print Studios, Kamal Habash, Amer Hasan, Dima Hurani, Bisan Hussam, Aaron Juarros, Noga Kadman, Anatolio Kronik, Kristina Kvalvik, Ask Kæreby, Mike Marshall, Samar Martha, James McLardy, Isis Meander, Nisreen Naffa, Faten Nastas Mitwasi, Kirsten Thygesen Nielsen, Nicki Nørmark, Overgaden Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Henning Hasager Pedersen, Astrid Mette Tejdell Raba, Gertrud Sandqvist, Maher Shaheen, Layan Shawabkeh, Razan Shawabkeh, Hussein Shtewi, Azmi Shunnarah, Raia Stoicheva, Mahmoud Subuh , The International Academy of Art-Palestine, Naser Tahtamouni, Basima Takrori, Reema Tawil, Sergey Vlasov, Sary Zananiri
The project is supported by: The Arab fund for Arts and Culture, The Danish Arts Council, the British Council, The Scottish Arts Council, al-Hoash – the Palestinian Art Court, Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre, A.M Qattan Foundation, The Danish Arts Foundation, ArtSchool Palestine, The National Workshop for Arts.

download exhibition folder: Karen Mette Fog Pedersen in conversation with Maj Hasager & Helen de Main
exhibition folder Overgaden_UK.pdf