We´ve Met Before, 2007

We´ve Met Before, 2007

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We´ve Met Before, 2007
Video, duration: 7 min. 2007

The video loop We’ve Met Before narrates a story based on an interview with a couple about their relationship. A speaker (the interviewer) recalls this meeting between the three of them and describes the scene where the meeting took place. The visuals are fragmented and at times abstract, and they don’t tell the same story as the voice-over. The two elements instead shift in time, place, and character, creating tension between fiction and reality.

Thanks to Joby Fox and Sophie M. Rasmussen

Excerpts from the video We’ve Met Before:

“She told me they’d met before, but she couldn’t remember him. Later, after they became a couple, she managed to reconstruct the image of their first meeting.”

“He told me he wasn’t looking for a partner, but was interested in ‘non-gender specific people,’ and he felt very comfortable in her company.”

“They went out for coffee, a piece of information they both agree on, and talked about the danger of being 27 years old, how many famous people had died at that age, and she’d managed to survive.”

“We now see them in the hotel room. She looks at him smiling. He looks down when she touches his left thigh.”