Two Within Close Range, 2009/2010
Photography, Video: Double screen projection 15 min.

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Two Within Close Range, 2009/2010

Two Within Close Range is a video installation consisting of a 15 min double screen projection, and a c-print 50 cm x 70 cm. The project Two within close range is an investigation of urban spaces that remain private or inaccessible despite their public significance. The urban structures and familiar places - a park and a construction site with a disputed past - are used to reflect the socio-political issues in the area outside the walled city of Jerusalem. Instead of remaining invisible and unnoticeable in the everyday environment, aspects of contemporary experience of place are revealed through observations of the usage patterns of the selected sites, the Rockefeller Garden and the Nusseibeh building. In this way, they become the centre of attention.
In the work, the two sites are represented through still images, video and 8 mm film corresponding with written narratives weaved together in an attempt to re-write and expand what already exists as the oral history of these places. The written narratives deal with the recent past of the area, as well as historical and political narratives, through a more descriptive and spatial approach. By using official information, personal stories collected from the area and fictional elements, a mix of voices and positions appear in order to reproduce and examine recent, at times unnoticed, history.

Two Within Close Range is commissioned by ArtSchool Palestine and Gallery Al Hoash - Palestinian Art Court, 2009 – as a part of the exhibition The Other Shadow of the City, curated by Samar Martha.

The film installation was presented at Liverpool biennale 2010 As a part of the City States "Future Movements" (representing Jerusalem) curated by Samar Martha. Supported by the Danish Arts Council.