Mono Culture And Other Realities, 2008
Collaborative work, sound installation, text, sculpture

Click on the image for sound excerpt

The title Monoculture and other realities becomes both a metaphorical image of the complex notion on the culture we somehow belong to and a visual representation of several modes of production, based on how we function as artists, students and human beings and as parts of a system, that is both educational and artistic.
By presenting the project Monoculture and other realities as a part of the third Guangzhou triennial it becomes possible to investigate the paradoxical position of questioning a system from within – coming to no conclusion, but instead opening up to a work in an ongoing process.
When all this is said, then how do we work across borders, both mentally and physically, to avoid narrow-minded discourses, but still maintain our local and cultural perspectives, while negotiating spaces and ideas from a distance, speaking a second language, and questioning the uniformity of understanding? We will keep this open for discussion.

The project was presented at the Tea Pavilion in the Guangdong museum curated by Dorothee Albrecht as a part of the third Guangzhou Triennial September 6th - November 16th 2008.