Mono Culture And Other Realities, 2008
Collaborative work, sound installation, text, sculpture


Monoculture and other realities Thale Vangen & Maj Hasager (Malmö Art Academy) Layan Shawabkeh & Majd Abdel Hamid (The International Academy of Art – Palestine)

The project took its point of departure in the workshop Learning Site, which was a part of Lofoten International Art Festival in Norway in June 2008. Four art students coming from Palestine, Norway and Denmark formed a group in order to discuss how art education is taught today, and how different models of art education function around the world.By mapping out the experiences of art students and recent graduates through a set of questions, we set out to investigate what it means to be an international artist in relation to a set of structures, that involve an extreme mobility and nomadism that often is linked to the culture of biennials, triennials and other art festivals held around the world.
Through a collective and ongoing discussion, the group intends to act as catalysts and activate a discussion around what is offered as foundation for art students, how contemporary art education is carried out and how it is perceived. What sorts of systems are ingrained within the art world, and will we adopt the already existing structures and hierarchies - or how can we rethink these?
We have been looking at a diverse group of current and former art students, to see whether there are clear and strong similarities or differences both culturally and educationally within this group. This is done in order to see whether the educational systems around the world are producing one type of international artist and hence a monoculture, or if they allow a diverse perspective in relation to the international aspect, without compromising the local and cultural aspects.

The project was presented at the Tea Pavilion in the Guangdong museum curated by Dorothee Albrecht as a part of the third Guangzhou Triennial September 6th - November 16th 2008.