Decembers – the archive, 2013
Vitrine with 17 borrowed or donated objects, 1 inkjet print 110 x 89 cm, 3 unique prints 36 x 27 cm, subtitle track mounted as inkjet print on dibond, wooden shelve.

installation view GREEN IS GOLD, Copenhagen (DK)


Decembers – the archive, 2013

Decembers – the archive, is a part of the larger project entitled Decembers, which takes its point of departure in recent Polish history – focussing on the two December strikes in 1970 and 1981. These ground breaking events mobilised a great part of the Polish population in Solidarity opposed to sudden and extreme price hikes on food, low wages and the totalitarian Communist government.

The project revolves around themes of memory, stigmatisation and the construction of history, and is developed in collaboration with a group of women who participated in literary workshops at the University of the Third Age in Gdansk, Poland. The archive contains private objects and photographs selected by the women and relating to personal narratives, which constitutes the subjective archive. It deconstructs the linear narrative that the archive potentially could have represented, but instead it presents layers of parallel moments, which creates new narrative structures when writing history.


Download interview with Maj Hasager by Dea Antonsen