A trip to an uncertain state, 2008
Sound installation, video and photography


The multilayered installation, A trip to an uncertain state consists of a sound installation of spoken word text, placed in a mono-colored room, a one-channel video installation and a set of 37 photographs on view. The installation was presented at Gallery KHM, May 2008

The work takes its point of departure in the experience of contemporary travel to the lands of Israel and Palestine. Having traveled there herself, Hasager's work investigates the specificity of a view point that self-consciously understands itself as outsider to the political situation encountered on this travel, but that is nevertheless deeply affected, emotionally and politically by its conditions. The traveled country, with its dense history and politics is represented as a personal, emotional landscape that needs to be navigated with the utmost care and attention, to be made sense of and to be seen. 

The metaphorical and the documentary, experience and knowledge, the factual and the fictitious are used interchangeably in this work, weaving a complex narration that allows for more than one perspective to prevail. Rather then taking sides, Hasager's quest is to recognize and understand the different political positions, as well as to recognize the limits of such understanding when it is desired by an outsider. Like the characters represented in the work, viewers are invited to navigate this situation, to find a way to make sense of a situation that is familiar through news reports, but nevertheless indefinitely distant in its meaning and implication; personal, political and historical.