The Dissonance of Memory, 2017

The Dissonance of Memory, 2017


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The first part of the project consists of a series of banners, the design of which is based on local images and archival material from Gellerup. The series was presented during Eutopia International Festival in Gellerup, July 2017.

During 2015-2018, Maj Hasager is artist in residence at Sigrids Stue in the Gellerupparken neighbourhood of Brabrand, Denmark. Here she is developing a long-term project anchored in the community, with the working title The dissonance of memory. She is working with the local archive, Brabrand-Årslev Lokalhistoriske Arkiv, on the formation of a subjective archive based on the local inhabitants’ private images. These are being digitized and added to the formal archival database to insert them into an official cultural heritage context.