Hymns to Unknown Heroines I, 2013

Hymns to Unknown Heroines I, 2013

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Hymns to unknown heroines, 2013
Found photographs, inkjet prints, vintage objects, list of countries and years women gained full voting rights

Hymns to unknown heroines began with a series of found black and white negatives depicting a Scottish family in the 1920s, which here becomes the focal point of a temporary museum. In the artist’s attempt to map the unknown history stemming from the found images, in which women are photographed in the Scottish landscape over a span of years, the protagonists’ potential story becomes interwoven with the history of the British suffragette movement of the late 1800s up until 1928, when women gained full voting rights.
The unknown women in the photographs transcend from being frozen moments of the past to becoming crucial in the documentation of women’s unwritten history. Through mimicking a temporary museum and engaging in the investigation of a moment in history through technique, politics, and women’s rights, Hymns to unknown heroines presents an alternative view on archival material. This is manifested through women’s narratives, both as the reconstruction of an unknown family history and as an alternative to the official historical narrative.