Border district, (1962-1963, 2001-2011), 2012

Border district, (1962-1963, 2001-2011), 2012


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Border district (1962–1963, 2001–2011), 2012
Sound and slide installation

In Border district (1962–1963, 2001–2011), narratives based on interviews with a former UN soldier and his memories of being stationed in Gaza in 1962–63 mix with lyric descriptions of everyday life around a sentry post in a desert landscape. These are contrasted with information depicting the state of war in Afghanistan in 2001–11, seen from a Danish perspective.
The voice of the narrator represents three different periods and positions, which together create parallel realities between the past and a present in which the nature of Denmark’s global military contribution has changed under the country’s revised, aggressive foreign policy, which led to Denmark’s participation in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The sound and slide installation consists of five static slide projectors that glow in a darkened exhibition room and a 21-minute, five-channel soundtrack.

Script: Maj Hasager. Narration: Andreas Albrechtsen. Recording and editing: Ask Kæreby. Thank you to: Hans Nejsum

Border district (1962-1963, 2001-2011) is supported by the Danish Arts Council.