I start going East, 2012

I start going East, 2012


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You called me in the moment we parked the car outside, I felt like I couldn’t move while receiving the “news” of someone who had passed away.

I left the car with a cigarette in my hand, I stopped to light it and felt extremely impatient as the lighter refused to light the damn cigarette. I smoked and walked faster than I had done in a while. Knowing there was no room for sorrow in this place. I craved a drink. I was not able to deal with this moment of despair without a drink in my hand.

I returned to find you sleeping on the couch, and I longed to escape into a fearless sleep – which of course never happened.

I start going east, 2012
8 sheets of Plexiglas (70 x 100 cm each), sandblasted text, inkjet prints

Four fragmented memories of a place are gathered together in the text and photo installation I start going east. The place is not named explicitly in the texts, but can be interpreted as the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The work’s protagonist reflects upon experiences and encounters that take the viewer deeper into the unknown and at times the surreal. The texts, presented as sandblasted foil-text on four sheets of Plexiglas, mix the autobiographical with fiction. They appear to levitate in front of a wall, behind which surfaces in four shades of green are mounted under Plexiglas, one for each of the texts.

This work was supported by the Danish Arts Council.